Basic information

The South-Moravian region has a rich tourist potential based on a unique cultural heritage, live folk traditions, extraordinary natural richness. In regional tourism small (dispersed) enterprises prevail. Tourist development can be strengthened only by a cooperation of the legal entities of both private and public sector. The results of a cooperation will affect the standard of services provided, economy of enterprises and decisions of tourists not only on choosing destinations, but also on their stays in the region.General information


With respect to a high number of legal entities interested in tourism, it is inevitable to establish a cooperation among individual organizations and to create common service products (packages of services) of the enterprises which will jointly promote their activities on the market. In this way Southern Moravia will be considered an attractive, cultural and hospitable destination welcoming the guests and being of a good and promising reputation. This was the reason for the South-Moravian region, the City of Brno and the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism to establish the Tourist Authority South Moravia (CCRJM).


Tourist Authority South Moravia (CCRJM)
As a tourist organization it coordinates the development of tourism in Southern Moravia aimed at a maximum utilization of territorial tourist potential in harmony with the principles of a sustainable development. The Authority is focused on finding the interests of the given persons in the development of tourism and on providing them with complex services (from detailed information, comfortable reservation (booking), faultless stay and return), on securing enterprise prosperity and thus competitiveness of Southern Moravia.

Strategic targets

  • Southern Moravia - a competitive tourist destination
  • increased number of visitors and their longer stays
  • increased economic productivity of tourism


Skeleton spheres of CCRJM activities to achieve strategic targets

1) Communication, coordination, cooperation

  • cooperation with legal entities operating in tourism
  • development of human sources in tourist services


2)Tourist products

  • creation and development of tourist products
  • creating joint tourist offer of Southern Moravia


3) Editorial activity and promotion

  • creation of promotional materials (leaflets)
  • presentation of tourist potential in the region aimed at target groups


4) Providing information

  • information for entities operating in tourism on the portal
  • tourist information on the portal


5)Projecting activity

  • to acquire finance for the activity of the associations and development of tourism in the region


General information

Name: Tourist Authority South Moravia (ccrjm)
Legal form: Special-interest association of legal entities
Date of establishment: December 14, 2005
Founder members: South-Moravian Region, Statutory City of Brno, Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism
CCRJM bodies: General Assembly, Supervisory Board, Manager


Association members
South-Moravian Region
Žerotínovo nám. 3/5
601 82 Brno
IČ: 70888337

Statutory City of Brno
Dominikánské nám. 1
601 67 Brno
IČ: 44992785

Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism
Těšnov 5
110 01 Praha 1
IČ: 65994272

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