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Mobile application

Welcome to the official portal for South Moravia operating by Tourist Authority of South Moravia. This is your resource for the best South Moravia-themed publications, whether you are a visitor or resident of Moravia.

We select only reliable and trustworthy publications, keeping you up to date with the latest and greatest. Feel free to browse, download and enjoy!

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  • Mobile and interactive experiencies of the border regions

    The application was created within the implementation of a project and provide a tourist information and navigation system for selected tourist attractions in South Moravia and Trnava Self-Governing Region. The aim is to make navigation in both cross border regions easier for visitors and to allow to find selected tourist destinations and services in their vicinity. Buildings structures can not only be listed, plotted on a map, but also appear within augmented reality.

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  • A Great Region to Live in

    A Great Region to Live in

    Promotional material presenting the South Moravian Region from the business, economic and innovative perspectives and that informs people about transport, education, enterprise support, culture and free time activities in the region.

  • Janáček a Brno

    Janáček a Brno

    This is a czech version of multimedia application dedicated to world famous composer of classical music Leos Janacek and his relationship to city of Brno.

  • Mendelianum - the attractive world of genetics

    Mendelianum - the attractive world of genetics

    The multimedia publication on the exhibition “Mendelianum” presents the attractive world of genetics. The Visitor Centre Mendelianum has been created in the very premises where Mendel´s scientific society used to hold its meetings and invites to a unique trip into the world of genetics, science and research.

  • Remarkable places

    Remarkable places

    Do you plan to organize a business event, training or company party? Are you looking for a cool venue to arrange a wedding? Explore remarkable places of South Moravia with our multimedia publication.

  • Moravia Convention Bureau

    Moravia Convention Bureau

    The Moravia Convention Bureau meeting planners´ guide offers an overview of congress venues in South Moravia and the city of Brno. This tool helps you to find suitable venue for your event in South Moravia and the city of Brno.