We’re fulfilling the tourist potential of South Moravia

Tourist Authority – South Moravia

South Moravia has fantastic tourist potential: unique cultural heritage, continually vibrant folk traditions, and unrepeatable natural riches.

Tourism is dominated by small businesses which are scattered around the region. We endeavour to interconnect them so that tourists in South Moravia enjoy a diverse mix of experiences. We also want to ensure the prosperity of businesses and competition in South Moravia, because without it there would be no one to take care of our visitors.

And that’s not all…

At Tourist Authority – South Moravia we also take care to keep people in the region informed about all opportunities that are offered to them (not only) in the tourism business. We prepare information materials. We present South Moravia inwards and outwards. The starting point is to identify the interests of those involved in the development of tourism. And the goal is to provide visitors with the perfect service: useable information, comfortable bookings, a pleasant stay and a safe return home.

We support sustainability

We coordinate the development of tourism in South Moravia. We fully use the potential of the region. But we do not forget that the development of tourism must go hand in hand with sustainability. For us it is not a fashionable expression, it is a necessity.

Strategic goals clearly and concisely

  • We want guests in South Moravia to visit the less well-known (but no less interesting) locations in addition to the tourist hotspots.
  • To relieve the congested places (i.e. the tourist hotspots).
  • And thus support service providers more evenly across the region. 

And this is how we will fulfil our strategic goals

1) The 3 Cs: communication, coordination, cooperation:

  • We support cooperation with entities active in tourism.
  • We develop human resources in the field of tourism services.

2) We create tourism products:

  • individual tourist products and,
  • a joint tourist offer of South Moravia.

3) We publish, promote:  

  • We create visually attractive, content-rich materials about South Moravia.
  • We present the tourist potential of the region with a focus on target groups.

4) We provide reliable information:

5) We do not forget about project activities

  • This is due to raising funds for the activities of the association and the development of tourism in the region, because without money it is not possible even in our non-profit organisation.

General information

Title: Tourist Authority – South Moravia
Legal form: Interest Groups of Legal Entities
Date of establishment: 14. 12. 2005
Founding members: South Moravian Region, Statutory City of Brno, Trade and Tourism Association
Bodies: General Meeting, Supervisory Board, Director

Group members

South Moravian region
Žerotínovo nám. 3/5
601 82 Brno
IČ: 70888337

Statutory city of Brno
Dominikánské nám. 1
601 67 Brno
IČ: 44992785

Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism
Těšnov 5
110 01 Praha 1
IČ: 65994272

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