Promotional Materials

We also support the beauty South Moravia in paper form. Leaflets, brochures, glossaries, maps… all of this can be found in the information center at Panenská 1 in Brno.
Or save paper and download from this page in pdf.

Netradiční místa mock up

Unique meeting places

Are you planning a congress, conference or other social event? Choose a scenery that will impress everyone! Download the electronic version of the guide here:

Brno medical mock up

Brno Medical

The electronic version of the thematic guide can be downloaded here: EN

Gourmet 2022 mock up

Gourmet South Moravia 2022

We have put together a list of damn tasty places all over South Moravia. Where can you eat and drink in such a way that

BCB catalogue

Incentive catalogue

We have chosen from among the most interesting incentive activities on offer that will surprise and, above all, entertain. Download the catalogue here: EN

Víno leták

Wine in South Moravia

Wines from South Moravia are a national treasure. See for yourself how this is true during a walk or cycling along the Moravian wine cycling

TOP cíle jižní Moravy

TOP destinations of South Moravia

Wondering what to explore in South Moravia in the first place? This will advise you the most attractive places, which you should definitely not miss


Alfons Mucha

Take a tour in the footsteps of the great Art Nouveau artist. Who was Alfons Mucha and where you can see his masterpieces today? The

Brno a okolí

A Varied Region Brno and environs

Discover 12 perfect excursion destinations and our 12 extra tips with an orientation map. From Brno you can go after Napoleon or the miners, taste